Poppies... a creation in the love affair with the old world
Poppy and Shayne Hammond with a selected group of likeminded people set out to forge their own direction in making wines with tradition flowing through the glass, fashions and fads come and go however they believe traditional wines have the essence and romance of longevity. Staying true to outcome is vital and when you drink their wines from any different season you will always see the family resemblance… thus a true Poppies Martinborough wine is made how they love to drink.
It is the intention of Poppies Martinborough to make beautifully hand-crafted wines that simply show the character and evoke the varietal flavours and purity of expression from the land and the hands of the makers.
We established Poppies Martinborough in 2012, opening the tasting room and cellar door early November 2012. The home of our wines and the only place to enjoy and purchase, it was apparent early on that there was one critical mistake made, wine production requirements were completely underestimated with most wines selling out with in a few months of opening the doors. Scrambling for increased winery space and additional vineyard blocks become priority over the following years until in 2016 the opportunity to purchase a beautiful established vineyard was achieved that allowed for our winery to be built. The winery was designed with emotion rather than commercialism although tonnage has increased to around 80 tonnes annually... Poppy still has music and laughter as a priority to ensure the wines are forged with Love rather than routine.
Over the years its always been an organic approach to growth rather than having strategic plans in place so with continued requests from devoted customers we moved from cellar door only to adding mail order and online sales, and more recently offering memberships and subscriptions, with the view we simply wish to reward loyalty. Along with a slightly new approach due to a conversation of the desire to have our Rosé in a favourite restaurant frequented regularly a small allocation is now available to on licence trade through Dhall and Nash wines, so you will, see the Poppies Martinborough Rosé pop up in some adopted establishments, Only the Rosé though.
Biological & Organic...
The view is strong that we are simply caretakers of the land, from this we farm our vineyards with a minimalist approach in respecting the power Mother Nature possesses, never interfering more allowing her strength to direct. A personal love of the biological and organic approach to farming is the preference although not certified, within a commercial footprint we are cautious and respectful utilising science, technology and understanding the past. We live through our land for our wines

There is no set structure to what happens next other than our wines will always take priority
Our team is an assortment of awesomeness...
Poppy and Shayne
Will Geisler
Brent Mackie
Rob Smith