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Poppies Martinborough Wine Tastings 


Discover Poppies Martinborough wine through the love of winemaker Poppy as she takes you on a journey of where it all began, how it developed, and the memories created along the way. Sharing wine with Poppy is a very special experience, unravelling the mystique and character of the wine which Poppy holds very dear. 

Poppies Martinborough wines are only sold through the tasting room and Cellar door and we invite you to come and experience our wines and our tasting room, Wine tastings are available as follows:

11 am to 4 pm 7 days per week during the summer months

11 am to 4 pm Friday through Tuesday over the rest of the year

Bookings are not required for wine tastings only however we are incredibly busy so there may be a delay on arrival prior to tasting. However once tasting you become our priority.

We do charge a small 5.o fee per person for tasting, however this is absolutely refundable if you decide to purchase any of our wines. Begin creating unforgettable wine memories at Poppies Martinborough.